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“Ken transforms the spaces he enters, whether they are physical or virtual by helping other occupants of the space hear themselves, feel safe, and find their way to one another. It's an art. He's an artist.” 

~ Jerry Michalski, founder of Open Global Mind

About Ken Homer

When I was a kid Linus was my favorite cartoon character. We’re cut from the same philosophical cloth, he and I. No, I don’t believe in The Great Pumpkin, but I do experience the world as a place filled with wonder, beauty, intelligence, and boundless possibility. I love art, music, poetry, and philosophy. I’m an avid reader with wide ranging tastes. When I was thirty, I was introduced to Vipassana meditation. I’ve sat several silent retreats of ten days and even 21-days duration. After 17 years of meditation practice, I switched to qi gong and have been taking private lessons with a master teacher for over twenty years.  


I grew up on the East Coast and moved to California in 1990. I immersed myself in the New Age/Human Potential Movement when I arrived. But I quickly found that most of what was supposed to lead to enlightenment lacked any kind of rigor or grounding. I soon became disenchanted with all the egotism, hype, and hypocrisy. On the other hand, this period helped me to hone my BS detector!


During the ‘90s I worked in an administrative capacity at a management consulting firm, which was my introduction to the field of organizational development. I was then offered a job as the Director of R&D for a small firm focused on sustainability – yes, we were way ahead of our time. Next, I joined the core team that developed The World Café – a large-scale dialogue process – where I spent a decade learning how to design and facilitate conversations that matter among people with diverse perspectives.


in 2000, I obtained my professional certified coach (PCC) credential from New Ventures West and have been coaching and consulting to individuals and organizations ever since. I developed and taught a course for San Francisco State University entitled Coaching Skills for Wellbeing, as part of their Certificate in Positive Psychology Program and I managed the Worldview Literacy Project at The Institute of Noetic Sciences. I was a 20-year member of the Bay Area fractal of the Society for Organizational Learning (BASoL) and the president of BASoL for five years. SoL North America asked me to chair their 2018 conference and I helped to design and facilitate Global SoL events in Bulgaria and Portugal.


In 2007, I  founded Collaborative Conversations and my clients have included scientists, engineers, artists, managers, educators, community organizers, bankers, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and C-Suite executives. I’ve coached and consulted for organizations with operations in the USA, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Taiwan.


When I am not working, you can find me in my garden, out walking, reading, writing, cooking, doing my practice, or hanging out with friends and family.

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