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Success Stories

Challenge: Trust Issues Impairing
Team and Organizational Performance


Overview – The IT department of a large healthcare organization was plagued by numerous problems, many of them stemming from a lack of trust on the senior leadership teams. These people had worked together for years but avoided addressing the resentments and conflicts that were simmering below the surface of their day-to-day interactions.

Approach – Two senior leadership teams undertook 15 hours of training in Collaborative Conversations. This included sessions on social, emotional, and somatic intelligences and their role in self-regulation. They also learned skills to handle conflict creatively.


Outcome - After completing the training, participants reported vastly improved interpersonal relationships, greater openness to new ideas and approaches to work, and a much clearer sense of being guided by the organization's purpose and mission. Many reported that their relationships outside of work also benefitted. Here are the before and after survey results:

Survey results.png
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