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Customized Collaboration Training

Enhance Your Ability to Produce Results


"Ken Homer is one of the best collaborators I’ve ever worked with. He has exceptional talent at supporting people and helping the best ideas and strategies emerge from the room. Ken’s ability to craft meaningful questions combined with his years of experience with dialogue and group facilitation make him an asset to any group or team. I’m always happy to be in the room with Ken and his love of conversation and collective wisdom."

~Mariah Howard, Expressive Arts  Therapist and former Graphic Recorder

Who taught you how to collaborate?


If you’re like most people, you received little to no formal training in collaboration. It’s likely that what you do know, you picked up here and there as you progressed from one job to another. It’s odd that there is not more focus on collaboration given the need for it in today’s business environment. According to IBM’s Leading Through Connections Report, today‘s leaders are recognizing the need for less management control and more organizational openness and the collaboration it requires:


“...Openness comes with more risk. As rigid controls loosen, organizations need a strong sense of purpose and shared beliefs to guide decision making. Teams will need processes and tools that inspire collaboration on a massive scale. Perhaps most important, organizations must help employees develop traits to excel in this type of environment.”

Collaborative Conversations uses an action learning approach that‘s tailored to the unique needs of your organization. We start with clarifying your purpose and mission and then move on to how to create alignment among individuals and teams while building mutual trust and respect. The results are consistent, with people reporting that they are guided by a clearer sense of purpose and feel more open to new ways of doing things after completing a course with us.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you to become more collaborative.

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