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Executive, Leadership & Strategic Coaching

Identify, Define and 
Achieve Your Goals

Business Meeting

“Ken was part of the New Ventures West faculty when I went through the Professional Coaching Course. Luckily, Ken was assigned to be the coaching mentor for my study group. Ken is extremely intelligent and brought great clarity to the course materials and our case studies. He was always able to "hone in" on the real issue and did so with great compassion and kindness. Ken helped shape the coach that I am today and I highly recommend his coaching services and expertise.”

~Angela Soito, Clinical/Regulatory Consulting and Professional Coaching

Coaching Style

“Grounded, insightful, comprehensive and practical.” These are some of the adjectives that Ken’s clients have used to describe him. Ken listens deeply to gain understanding and checks to see if he is making accurate assessments before attempting to provide any guidance. He looks for the simplest, most elegant step that can be taken with the minimal amount of effort that provides the optimal return.

Consulting Philosophy

Ken believes in leaving the world a little better for having passed through it. He brings that same stance to his  professional engagements, The question of ”How can we work together so that we are all enriched by our efforts?” underlies all his work.  Ken works with clients (both individuals and teams) to identify where they are not getting the results they desire and then coaches them to develop the competencies required to achieve their aims.


Collaboration is an art form based on learnable skills. Each of us has access to multiple intelligences that are rarely fully utilized. Tapping into them is both personally and professionally rewarding, leading to higher performance, increased satisfaction, greater well being and quality results.

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