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Facilitating for Collective Intelligence


When Google started in 1998, they focused on individual intelligence, hiring only the top graduates from the best STEM schools. Fifteen years later they launched Project Oxygen to learn what made for the most successful managers in the company. Their findings shocked them. When people ranked the eight most important qualities of their top performers, STEM expertise came in dead last. Here're the rankings:

Collective Intelligence Potential.jpg

          1. Being a good coach

2. Empowering the team – not micromanaging

3. Having empathy for and expressing interest in team       

    members’ success and wellbeing

4. Being productive and results-oriented

5. Being a good communicator – listening and sharing


6. Helping the team with career development

7. Having a clear vision and strategy for the team

8. Having key technical skills that help them advise the team


Collaborative Conversations can help your people develop or enhance any of the first seven skills in the above list. 

What clients say about me

“Ken did a tremendous job taking our leadership team through a series of workshops on Collaborative Conversations. He is an expert in creating a shared understanding of how to be a great leader in a world in need of authentic leadership. I had the privilege to work side-by-side with Ken and he’s humble, and kind while delivering results. I highly recommend him!”  
~ Al Diaz, Agile Coach, San Francisco Department of Public Health

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