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Leading Through Conflict 

How do you handle conflict?

The strategy that most people employ is to avoid it, ignore it and deny it, in the hope it will go away of its own accord. Unfortunately, while popular, this strategy is stunningly ineffective. The long term consequences of avoiding conflict include: disengagement, loss of trust, resentment, and sometimes irreparable rifts in relationships. The lack of effective strategies and practices to cope with conflict in business settings results in billions of dollars of lost productivity and wasted potential every year. It also destroys relationships and creates a huge amount of unnecessary suffering.


There is a better way!

Leading Through Conflict explores the role of conversations in conflict and offers you practical tools for staying grounded and focused in the midst of challenge.


Leading Through Conflict will help you develop the skills to:

• Distinguish between different levels of conflict.
• Develop strategies for coping with each level.
• Stay grounded in the face of threats to your ego.
• Listen and communicate more effectively.
• Improve the chances of achieving outcomes
   that benefit all parties.

Conflict is Inevitable –

Combat is optional

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“The Leading Through Conflict workshops got rave reviews –even from seasoned and skeptical employees. I highly recommend it.”

~Trudy H. HR Manager

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