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Creating More Intelligent Teams 


How can teams be smarter than the individuals that comprise them?

That’s a question I’ve been exploring for over 25 years. I am continually surprised at how, when they join a team, really smart people end up making collectively stupid decisions. Fortunately, making groups smarter is fairly easy to do. Drawing upon the lessons of appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, and embodied learning, Collaborative Conversations has developed a unique approach to boost your team’s performance.

What clients say about me:


“Working with Ken was a lifesaver! He’s a wonderful thinking partner and a gifted facilitator.”
~ Todd Pierce, CTO Genentech

“Ken facilitated our Board retreat to wide acclaim from Board members. I would warmly recommend Ken to anyone considering the use of his services.”

~ Jeff Keimer, MA, Chair, Board of Trustees, Institute of
   Transpersonal Psychology

Group Seflie
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