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Well Being at Work

Creating Workplaces Where 

People Thrive and Flourish

Business Meeting

Bringing out the best in people means providing them with places and policies that support their growth

Awake and aware people want to be part of an organization with a mission that allows each person to feel connected to something larger than themselves. People who have the opportunity to see their work connect to things they care about and who feel that they are making a difference are the kind of people who put organizations on the map as forces to be reckoned with.

However a great mission alone isn't enough. To truly thrive, we need to bring human-centric design thinking to bear on the task of creating organizational culture. Drawing on integral coaching principles and the lessons from positive psychology 

“My work is intensely collaborative and conversational. Ken’s clear explanations, grounded insights, and practice-based learning provided the tools (and the comfort in using them) to take my work to the next level. My conversations are more useful and productive now. Ken had a profound impact on my working methods.” 

 ~ Jean Russell,

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