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World Café & Open Space

Tap the Wisdom of Your
Entire Team or Organization

Brainstorm to Success

“Working with Ken was a life saver! He is a wonderful thinking partner and a gifted facilitator.”

~Todd Pierce, CTO, Genentech 

Want to involve a large number of people in an important conversation but concerned it will become too chaotic?


Collaborative Conversations scale to meet the needs of virtually any size group. We’ll help you to choose the most appropriate method and craft the questions that will move your organization forward. 

Collaborative Conversations was founded after Ken spent a decade as one of the core team members who designed The World Café dialogue process. He has helped hundreds of people and organizations to convene, design, and host cafés on topics ranging from new product introductions to building a new community center to learning how being a great place to work translates into sustainable customer value.

In addition to his World Café background, Ken is an experienced Open Space Technology facilitator. He has been involved in the design and production of several successful large conferences.

Collaborative Conversations can help you to design robust productive and useful conversations among groups both large and small.

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