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Evoking Group Genius

Unlock the Secrets to Create Smarter Teams

Cultivating Collective Intelligence

We all know the importance of working smarter not harder, but exactly how do we do that?


Working smarter means different things to different people. For us, it means increasing your team’s collective intelligence – which is not correlated with individual intelligence. It’s not uncommon for terrifically smart people to belong to teams whose decision-making ability is abysmal because they don't know how to be smarter together. There’s a better way!


Collaborative Conversations guide your team in learning simple principles that lead to increased trust, improved relationships and better decision-making. Imagine the possibilities that open up when you are able to tap into the intelligence of your entire organization and have everyone feel that their voice matters.


For example, Collaborative Conversations guided a team at the University of California at Santa Cruz in creating a roadmap for the consolidation of 24 separate departments into a single entity, while integrating input from all 250+ staff that were affected by the consolidation effort. Read more about this.

Creative Meeting

“Ken, what a challenging project this was! We did a great job and we made an awesome team – thank you!”

~Laurie McCann, UCSC Ombudsperson

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